Subscription to all Luminous Insights’s journals are free. All articles are freely, instantly, and permanently available to both subscribers and the broader audience of readers with permitted reuse. There are no fees for open access publishing, articles provided to the readership through journal access programs. Manuscripts sent from authors are subject to a peer-review process before publication, and become freely and permanently available to all for reading and downloading. We aim to provide the best user licensing option. License options specify how readers can reuse open access articles published on our platform. The journal guarantees permanent availability for published articles, as well as preserving them in its digital archive, and ensuring access to them. We are updating digital file formats to comply with new technology standards to maintain the digital archive. Readers can reuse published articles in several different ways defined in the usage license.

Creative Commons licenses are not subject to revocation. The user can read, print, download, redistribute, or republish the article (for instance, view in a repository), Article translation (for private use only and not for distribution), Download for text and data mining purposes. Reuse parts or excerpts of the article in other works and Reuse for noncommercial purposes.

We support the responsible sharing of published articles. The author can share and promote his article to enhance the exchange of information plus the transfer of practical knowledge to contribute to scientific progress in the same field of author. Responsible sharing helps in drawing the attention of a ranged audience of readers to the authors’ accomplishments and makes them more visible, moreover, getting more citations and a reputation. We guarantee the integrity of the scientific record, so you should direct readers to your most recent research achievements.

We adhere to the principles of voluntary sharing of the STM Association  for responsible sharing and the preservation of high-quality journals. Authors and users can also browse the website ( to learn how to share articles and check where should be shared in line with access and usage rights through the search tool “Can I share them?”

Responsible sharing Policy guarantees the participation of the author’s article in many areas. The author can use his published article at conferences and display various forms of presentation or posters, and also yield his published article for purposes of obtaining funds. Authors and users can use the material published in teaching and training, as well as in course packages, and curriculum programs. You can share your article with colleagues and other individuals via email and private communication channels. You can publish the accepted manuscript on the pre-print server and upload the updating version according to ArXiv and RePEc procedures. Including your published article on ScienceDirect facilitate and increase your citations.

All Luminous Insights journals are in Open Access; articles are immediately available for reading and reuse and can be downloaded, shared, and reused without restrictions as long as the original authors cited correctly. We use a Creative Commons license (CC-BY) for all published articles. It is uncommon to include material republished with permission under a more restrictive license. When it happens, this will identify. In this case, you may need to request permission for reuse and adaptation from the copyright owner.
Copyright remains with the authors who have chosen to make the articles available for reuse, so you do not need permission as they are available under the open license (CC-BY) since these licenses allow for reuse and adaptation. The license applicable included in the front part of the article in a human-machine-readable format.
Luminous Insights publishes contributions under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (, and any data related to the article (including but not limited to any reference lists) is distributed according to the Creative Commons public domain Waiver of Dedication (

You may share (copy and redistribute the materials in any medium or format) and adapt (remixing, transforming, and building on materials) for any purpose (even commercially) Provided that you follow the licensing terms that include Making correct attribution (you must grant appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes made. You may do so in any reasonable way, but not in any way that implies that the licensor endorses or endorses your use), and not create any other restrictions ( You may not apply legal requirements or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits).